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A Bible study initially set up for alumni of the Senior Sunday School Class at the First United Methodist Church of Lufkin, Texas. It is our hope and our prayer that this study touches the hearts of those who participate and helps spread the love and grace of Our Lord and God. All who want to learn more about God are welcome

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This Lent we will study the book of Philippians. It is one of Paul's letters, this one to the church at Phillipi. This was the first church Paul started on European soil, in present day Greece. Since this is where he started, he had a good and happy relationship with this church. This is a happy letter, even though it was written as Paul was in jail.
The main theme of this letter is persistence in faith in the face of opposition. It was written to give the young church courage even though Paul himself was faced with possible death. It is short and sweet, but the message is great.
As we do this study, it is my prayer that you read the passages and feel what they tell you before reading my commentary. Put the two together and see what the Holy Spirit is telling you to do. The season of Lent is a time for preparation. Paul's message is one of preparation as well.
Reach out to friends and family during this time. Mostly, reach inside and see what God may have in store for you. Be excited!


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