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Friday, March 11, 2011

Haggai Wrap-Up

Relax, Read and Reflect

Prayer- Lord, Open our hearts and open our minds and help us learn. Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Haggai Wrap-Up
 What can we learn from this book? Obviously- the main theme in Haggai is rebuild the Temple. Haggai was not alone in this advice, but he was focused. Not only should the Jewish people rebuild God's house, but they should make it bigger and better and do so ritualistically cleansed.
  Great, so what does that mean for us today? Haggai thought that the people priorities were off it they built nice homes for themselves before they took care of God. I think it is important that when we do things for God now, this is more than just bigger and nicer worship centers. After all, really who are these for? Is this for God? Does he live in the worship areas we build? No. These are built for us, to impress ourselves and others-not to impress God.
  It is important to put God first. Haggai was on to something. When our focus is on worldly things rather than heavenly things, when bad things happen they are magnified. As long as God is our main focus, the bad things still happen but just aren't as devastating.
  The Last thing took look at is the last part of Chapter Two. Haggai is convinced that if the just get the Temple started God will send the Messiah and he will kick butt, and all will be good again. Haggai lived around 450 BC, and we all know that means Before Christ. That was quite a wait, even then the Messiah that came-Jesus, was not exactly what the prophet had in mind. Christ will come again, We just don't know when or who. If anyone tries to tell you exactly when or who-run! They are probably lying to you about other things as well.

Prayer- Lord, thank you for the promise you made to come again. Help us remember to put you first in our lives and to live for you. We know that challenges will come, but you are greater than any challenge. Go-Fight-Win. Amen.


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