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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Micah 3:1-4

Relax, Read and Reflect

Prayer- Lord, Open our minds and open our hearts and help us learn. Go-Fight-Win. Amen.

Micah 3:1-4 (New International Version, ©2011)Micah 3
Leaders and Prophets Rebuked
1 Then I said,
"Listen, you leaders of Jacob,
you rulers of Israel.
Should you not embrace justice,
2 you who hate good and love evil;
who tear the skin from my people
and the flesh from their bones;
3 who eat my people’s flesh,
strip off their skin
and break their bones in pieces;
who chop them up like meat for the pan,
like flesh for the pot?"

4 Then they will cry out to the LORD,
but he will not answer them.
At that time he will hide his face from them
because of the evil they have done.

Micah has a bone to pick with the Hebrew rulers, and that bone is about to ripped off their backs. Here he gores as far to say that they hate good and love evil. Wow! They must really be jerks. The imagery of the butcher and the wild animal is vivid. What does this mean? Since the leaders of a people are so corrupt the people (followers) must also be impure, just because of their association. Therefore... When our leaders teach false teachings, they are dooming all of us.
This is not just a tax and spend issue here, this is an issue of faith and obedience. That is what God really wants from us.

1. What are the leaders acting like?
2. What are their actions being compared to?
3. What will the Lord do when the people cry?

Prayer- Lord, give us the wisdom and understanding to follow you. As we live our lives in this world, let us be examples of life with You. Go-Fight-Win. Amen.


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