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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Genesis 25:1-18

Relax, Read and Reflect
Prayer-Lord, Open my heart and open my mind and help me learn. Go-Fight-Win. Amen.
The Death of Abraham
1 Abraham took [
a] another wife, whose name was Keturah. 2 She bore him Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. 3 Jokshan was the father of Sheba and Dedan; the descendants of Dedan were the Asshurites, the Letushites and the Leummites. 4 The sons of Midian were Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida and Eldaah. All these were descendants of Keturah.
5 Abraham left everything he owned to Isaac. 6 But while he was still living, he gave gifts to the sons of his concubines and sent them away from his son Isaac to the land of the east.
7 Altogether, Abraham lived a hundred and seventy-five years. 8 Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people. 9 His sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah near Mamre, in the field of Ephron son of Zohar the Hittite, 10 the field Abraham had bought from the Hittites. [
b] There Abraham was buried with his wife Sarah. 11 After Abraham's death, God blessed his son Isaac, who then lived near Beer Lahai Roi.
Ishmael's Sons
12 This is the account of Abraham's son Ishmael, whom Sarah's maidservant, Hagar the Egyptian, bore to Abraham.
13 These are the names of the sons of Ishmael, listed in the order of their birth: Nebaioth the firstborn of Ishmael, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, 14 Mishma, Dumah, Massa, 15 Hadad, Tema, Jetur, Naphish and Kedemah. 16 These were the sons of Ishmael, and these are the names of the twelve tribal rulers according to their settlements and camps. 17 Altogether, Ishmael lived a hundred and thirty-seven years. He breathed his last and died, and he was gathered to his people. 18 His descendants settled in the area from Havilah to Shur, near the border of Egypt, as you go toward Asshur. And they lived in hostility toward [
c] all their brothers.
Abraham had lived a very full life. He had a great relationship with God, and became the father of great nations. After Sarah died, the old Abraham married again and had more children. Most of us never know this, we think all he had was Ishmael and Isaac.
If he had so many sons, why did he leave everything to Isaac? He wasn’t the oldest, and he wasn’t the last to leave home. God’s covenant with Abraham was made for Isaac, and he would be the one who remained true to God.
I think it is important to know that Ishmael came back to help bury his father. Evidently, he still had a relationship with his father, even after Abraham sent him and his mother away. After Sarah died, things may have gotten easier. He was not a happy man, and he and his descendants did not get along with their neighbors. They were a contrary people.
Prayer- Lord, thank you for wanting to have a relationship with us and for blessing us even if we do not deserve it. Go-Fight-Win. Amen
Things to do today Read Genesis 25:19-26


Blogger Chad Mc said...

Steve, surly none of us really just thought that Abraham only had two sons. I mean, that can't be since we have all sung a certain song somtime in our life. "Father Abraham, had many sons, and many sons had father Abraham."

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